Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh, Please, Won't You Irradiate My Produce?

This is what I think, and I'm right, so do follow my lead.
Irradiation is good.
Pitching a fit about irradiated food is bad.

This is why:

Irradiation kills BAD bacterias that want to give us all food poisoning (Believe me, I hate food poisoning). No radiation remains in the produce after it has been treated, so we shall not all glow after consumption of said produce. Radiation does inactivate a small amount of the nutritional value* in treated beef, but diarrhea and vomiting eliminate ALL the nutritional value. So. Also, I do not like pesticides in my food (I am pro-organic foods), but I do not like buggies in my salad, so I am pro-irradiation. Stop whining, Hippies.

Ahem. So that is what I think. A little dose of haughty opinion to brighten your day and make you less sorry for when I post pictures without words.

* sources: (I do not agree with this website, but site it so that you can see my arguement wins)

NOTE: The intentional obnoxious tone of this post was designed to be funny. Please do not take offense, as I certainly do not mean to offend.

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Megan said...

Hmmm. Good stuff, I wouldn't have known that.