Thursday, October 1, 2009

Never in the history of my egocentric blog have I been so remiss in posting at least something every so often. Not that I am apologizing. I don't feel that anyone is deprived of joy by less of me making fun of myself, but I do feel as though I should tell you why you are often confronted with the same bland post every time you check up on me.

It's because of this:
And this:
...and this:
... plus Jon and I got food poisoning somewhere in there and barfed our guts out all night, but you didn't want to see a picture of that...

So in between working, studying and trying to teach a stubborn, chewing Labrador that going potty outside is always (and not just sometimes) the best policy, I will write more. If I'm not sleeping.

I do read your blogs, though. So don't be one of those lazy people who get busy and only post every so often. That's lame.

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Heather Nicole said...

wait, what you are you studying at UWF?