Monday, September 22, 2008

One Time We Got Married

...and it was the second best decision either of us
had ever made. Here's how we celebrated the first anniversary of that blessed occasion:

Destin, FL

(Top left) NU Gallery, Grand Boulevard, Sandestin (Right) Poking a shark in the eye, so it doesn't eat us.

We headed out to Destin Saturday, stopped at a winery (really, did you expect anything else?) and drove into Destin for some disappointing goodwill scavenging. However, we did find "Upscale Resale", an antiques/furniture consignment shop that had beautiful furniture and accessories for delightful prices. We purchased nothing, but cheered up, walked the outlet mall for a few hours, where we did purchase a few somethings. Including new jeans for me (yay!) that were on sale for $28, down from $98. It was so beautiful, I could have cried (Madewell brand, on sale at J. Crew for a limited time only!). We finished our perfect day with P.F. Changs. Anniversaries, lettuce wraps and spicy chicken "make glad the hearts of men" (and Butterfields).

Monday, our real anniversary, we celebrated with candlelight and steak.

After an entire year of marriage, I can honestly and with as little cathartic intent as possible, say that I am the happiest of women. I thought I loved this man a year ago, but I had no idea. I love my husband and I love being married. In addition, I've been assured that it only gets better. Wahoo! Bring it on!

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Sarah Beth said...

Well now that is just adorable.

Glad you both had a great time.