Wednesday, September 10, 2008

God Cares About My Hair

Below is the faithful account of my very good day:

Hair appointment at 9am. A bit early for a hair appointment, but I accidentally forgot my first one Monday, so I took what I could get. Besides, an entire day of salon styled hair vs. 6 hours or so is not such a bad price to pay.
Stylist is wonderful and I get the best shampoo/massage of my life. She cuts my hair beautifully and works with my cowlicks. She blowdries and straightens it. It looks great. I go to pay.
My salon (love it love it love it) has this deal. You recommend a client and they give the new client AND you (me) $20 off. I think I have $40 credit (for recommending 2 persons). I go up to pay and find out that I have an $80 credit. I get TWO one liter bottles of Redken shampoo & conditioner to use up the remaining $40 of credit. They're actually on sale for $33. Therfore, I get a free cut ($40 value) and two free one-liter bottles of yummy smelling hair cleaner/conditioner ($40 value) for the price of a tip. I also have $5 remaining credit. I am a happy little miser.


Megan said...

1) You look fantastic. Your hair is super sexy and I love your eyes in that photo. I am hitting on you.
2) Reading your post made me so excited, I felt like I had such a great salon experience too! Go Pensacola!
I'm way proud of you.

Sarah Beth said...

Heeeeeey sexy hair!

marigirl said...

YAY for a good deal and a great haircut right before your HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!! It only gets better from now on. Love and miss you!!!