Monday, August 4, 2008

New Favorite Recipe, first edition

Lesson One: Pad Thai

*Please note the delightful cloth napkins. They were my favorite recent purchases until last night when I found a delicious-smelling body wash. But I still love them.

On the menu for the evening was traditional (well it started that way) Pad Thai, Grilled Chicken with a Thai Rub and salad with a limey peanuty dressing.

The chicken was amazing. Jon invented the rub, which was such a resounding success that we might patent it. The salad dressing, which was inspired from a Real Simple recipe was truly yummy. It's mostly lime juice, with a little garlic, some red pepper flakes, a little soy sauce and peanut oil. Then you have to put cilantro and mint in the salad greens and roasted peanuts on top of the ensemble, and it's instant deliciousness. The Pad Thai was not as successful as the other two recipes. Although we cooked it in the "traditional"way, we ended up having to add cilantro and lime (which it called for on the side) in greater quantities. And Jon added hot garlic chili sauce. Those made it taste better. This only means that we're going to have to try a few Pad Thai recipes before we get it right. The good news is that we have the tamarind concentrate. The bad news is that, in it's concentrated form, it is impossible to spread gooky tamarind among the sticky rice noodles. That may have been our problem in the first place. Any Thai people with ideas or recipes, please bring them forth.

In other cooking news, and in another blatant Mari-copying move, I am reading "French Women Don't Get Fat", which I am really enjoying. And I finished all the fresh blueberries I picked. Aren't they pretty?


Megan said...

Idea for your Thai:

Uh, sometime wee add sprout o wradish o tofu to da sticky wice noodles. is good. O in Thailand wee put in duck sometime cat. is very wefweshing.


marigirl said...

YAY!! I made a recipe out of "French Women for All Seasons" for company last night. Actually, it's the same one I made for you two that time but different --- fancy mustard in walnut oil with a pinch of curry over jarlsburg cheese, and it was an excellent compliment to the fruitiness of pineapple chicken and spiced rice. Your thai food sounds delicious -- maybe adding tamarind to a little oil would help it coat the noodles better...? who knows. Pounce just burrowed under (yes, under) Chris' computer to get a pony-O, and I can't type because I got four (4) japan immunizations today. OUCH! The nurse gave me candy.

marigirl said...

sorry. That was the longest comment...ever. :(

Megan said...

Go check out the Coles' site....

love it.

Anonymous said...

Bek! I'm on here now...I mean we're on here now! This blogging thing is awesome! I will probably be on here every day and I can't wait to read what is going on in your life!
love ya!

Megan said...

OK, I shamelessly leave you a third comment on the same post. Despite the recent phone convo, I need more information. Ideas: What does your hair look like right now? Have you added any accesories to your home lately? What do the Pensacola beaches look like now? What type of tutoring are you doing?