Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Florida Edukashun

This is the sad state of education in Florida.

As many of you know, I work for a company that provides tutoring services for No Child Left Behind. Title 1 schools (those whose students fail to do well on standardized tests two years in a row) are required, now, to provide free tutoring services to children who perform poorly and are from low income families. Okay. So I work for a company who provides these tutoring services. Right. Here is why I bore you with that: my boss often sends out questions asked by various county coordinators to give all of us the benefit of the answer. Below, I present to you one such question. Judge for yourselves the qualifications of this tutoring coordinator:

"Do I assign group sessions if their are little amounts of tutors and we a tutor to take on more kids? Or can a tutor ask to start off with group sessions, how will I ensure their is enough kids for all tutors? (I believe the answer to this is, I pick tutors off tutorwell as needed for a child, not everyone is choosen...let me know if this is correct)"

I am almost speechless. This human being is going to be teaching. It's so sad, it's a little bit funny. I wish I had made this up.

Be rich or homeschool.

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