Monday, June 7, 2010

When I Call Toll Free, I Expect to Have to Fight for Help

Which is usually the case. I mean it. Almost always.

I had to call AT&T three times. THREE TIMES. to cancel our internet in Pensacola. Each time they said, "No problem. You'll stop receiving bills now." Each time I received a bill in my inbox the next month. Guess what just showed up in my inbox two days ago? I try to reserve this insult for slow drivers in the left lane, but I can assure you that AT&T is entirely worthless.

This is why I love USAA and OXO (the kitchen gadget company), because they are 100% helpful, every single time I call, bend over backwards to help me and I always understand what's going on and receive prompt, efficient service. We can now add Wusthof (the German knife manufacturer) to the list.

Today I call. I explain that although I adore the knives I've been using for two and a half years (not kidding. best knives in the universe.), my kitchen scissors seem to be rusting on one edge. "Oh," is the reply, "send it to our customer service and we'll send you a replacement!" Just like that. No questions. I must only include a phone number and my address.
Dear Wusthof, you exceed my pessimistic expectations. I will remain faithful in return. Brand loyalty status achieved.


sara said...

Everybody has Wustof knives except for me :( Poor me.

Daniel and Sarah said...

that happened to us with Embarq in NC...literally received bills for 6months. Always called and they said no problem it is cancelled and we would always receive another bill ugh