Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Things I made (or helped make)

We squeezed lemons yesterday into this bowl with the help of our automatic juicer. I'm going to make fresh lemonade. Yum. Also I made scones, but I've already shown pictures of those before, along with the recipe.

Last night and today I made an elephant. This is the first baby item I've made for our little boy and I love those big puffy ears. Never mind that real elephant ears are not puffy. The boy child will not know any better. The elephant is sitting in my lavender, which is about to bloom. Now the elephant smells like lavender. Which is girlie. But the elephant will get over it before the boy child comes around.This is the view from my face. The bump grows. This is my favorite made thing.


Jennifer said...

You make me want lemonade. I don't even like lemondae that much, but your freshly squeezed juice and lemon halves make me want some.

Lavender is supposed to be soothing! I've seen stuffed bears and dogs and things that had lavender sacks in them to calm babies at night. So I'm sure a homemade elephant that's been grazing on REAL lavender is much better and very manly. (And entirely adorable, by the way.)

Yay baby bump!

Daniel and Sarah said...

Lavender be bad for baby boys...look it up...and your baby bump is glorious!

Holmans said...

You are so stinkin talented...seriously, that elephant is awesome! I need some of your skills to rub off on me!

Ps...I am actually in the middle of making a little something for your little boy too...but you will have to wait until I get to see you in person in a few weeks to get it! (And don't get your hopes up, cause it's nothing compared to what you can create!)

Lisa said...

Love the belly picture! I've got to try that one!

Megan said...

bahaha I get it! You helped 'make' the baby. So funny.

Your elephant is darling. Will you make manda a worthog?

Daniel and Sarah said...

something to make when your lavender blooms!!