Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cheer Up-date

Dad running Henry up and down the beach

We may not have had a winging this week, but we still got my dad to come down and play. Henry benefited from the visit almost as much as the Husband and I did. Plus, Dad gave Henry lots of compliments on his well-behavedness, which pleased us very much, since we like it when people say nice things about us. The brother also came out from his side of the Emerald Coast and played, too.

Life is good and never boring.


Sarah Beth said...

what a cute pic of you and jon. love it!

Sarah said...

bek, just had to leave a note to tell you that thanks to you, I am hooked on Keep No Score. it's such lovely cold-weather music, great for snuggling up under the covers and listening to the rain outside... : )