Monday, July 14, 2008

Bluegrass Butterfield

Jon got a banjo for his birthday. And he really likes it. When it arrived, he politely thanked the UPS delivery man, kindly offered him a chocolate turtle, then napkin, because the turtle was melty, and closed the door. The following dance-of-pure-bliss-and-excitement was witnessed, sadly, only by myself. It was truly joyous.

And (which is a perfectly legitimate way to start a sentence, despite what they tell you in highshool) this is what I have discovered. I like the banjo, too. Especially Amazing Grace on the banjo. Here is why: it's the way I feel when I sing that song, wrapped up in a tone and a melody. It's twangy and honest. Unpretentious. Uncomposed. It portrays the image of how my insides must look when I sing Amazing Grace; which is barefooted and unrefined, but beautiful because of the deep deep truth being sung and the gratefulness felt that a wretch like me is saved. My soul is a banjo singing Amazing Grace.

And Jon says the final word... Feel free to make fun of me playing the banjo. Laugh it up. But we'll see who's laughing when banjos become really cool... ah... and the other thing to say is that six people were treated for lightning shock Saturday (beach, airshow, storm). The lifeguards "baywatched" their little pampered selves around the beach like their lives depended on it. But alas, I guess we all like validation of our existence. We did not get struck, but did do the electric slide for about 4 hours waiting for the sky to clear up. It didn't. I think we want to start a blues band called the blues angels. Oh, and jellyfish stings really cramp my style. Not as bad as taking the old lighting rod down the spine though. IT'S ELECTRIC - Boogey woogie woogie. Over and out.


Sarah Beth said...

good one liner: "My soul is a banjo singing Amazing Grace."

love it. and you guys!

Megan said...

I heard that ukuleles were becoming really cool too. Out with the harmonica in with the banjo and ukulele.