Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This blog begins with a disclaimer. We were not planning on starting a blog. In fact, it is only through the steepest peer pressure that we have one now. We are, indeed, entering into the realm of blogging like curmudgeony old men signing up for email. That being said, I do believe we might secretly enjoy ourselves.

Oh. The disclaimer. This shall not be a replacement for phone conversations or expensively stamped snail mail. Please read and enjoy our humor and appreciate our intelligence, but do still call us. We know where you live. Unless our blog gets widely popular and strangers read it, in which case they are under no requirement to call.

And ooooh... look at our new couches!


dabutters said...

Love the couches you two wonderfully awesome people. When you making some wonderfully awesome kids for me, huh?
Nice blog so far.

Megan said...

Oh I am so terribly delighted to have expanded our realm of communication! The blog is wonderful. Only you must not make fun of it now that you are a part.

The couches are glamorous! (I had to spell that word by singing Fergie's song?!) You are a dream come true and I look forward to reading more about the things that I would not have time to ask you if it were a phone conversation.

Don't be shy, use your names. If someone really wanted to find you out it's not hard these days!

marigirl said...

Love the furniture! where is your tv? In the corner? Nice arrangement. Very "i'm not in college anymore" :) miss you! I'm putting a link to your blog on my blog

Heather Nicole said...

ummmm I didn't know you started a blog!!!!!! LOVE it! what does the title mean?????

I LOVE the HUGE couches! I'll bet Jon does too. No need to decorate for your short friends ;-)